West Virginia Archeological Society

1962 Volume 14 PDF only

The Bechtold Mound, 46-Mr-53 (Lally)/ Comments on Townsend’s Account of the 1838 Excavation of the Grave Creek Mound (Delf Norona)/ Grave Creek Mound Excavation (Townsend 1839)/ The Lower Minch Mound and Village Sites, 46-OH-45 and 51 (Davis et al.)/ An X-Ray Figure on the Timmons Farm Petroglyph Site, 46-Oh-64 (Swauger)/ Preliminary Report on Mount Carbon Village Excavations, 46-Fa-7 (Edward McMichael)/ Book Reviews: Meighan: The Archeologist’s Notebook (Glade Little)/ Norona: Wheeling: A West Virginia Place Name of Indian Origin (Kenny)