West Virginia Archeological Society

1976 Volume 25 PDF only

Table of Contents / Henry Mercer 1894 Search for Early Man in the New, Kanawha, and Ohio River Valleys (Daniel Fowler) Ecological Reconstruction in the Upper Delaware Valley (Joseph Dent) The Man Site, 46Lo5 (Hillis Youse) The Feather Rock Petroglyphs (Daniel Fowler and Joan Pitts) The Stone Serpent Mound in Kentucky and Other Monuments (Lansing Brisbin, Jr) Excavations at Jarvis Farm Site, 46Ka105 (Hillis Youse) Fort Ancient Pipes from the Blennerhassett Island Area (E. Thomas Hemmings) Archeological Notes: A Giant Putnam County Artifact (Hillis Youse) The Hansford Ballfield Site at the Mouth of Paint Creek (Hillis Youse)