West Virginia Archeological Society

1981 Volume 32 PDF only

Table of Contents / The Henderson Rocks Site (46-Ta-l): A Preliminary Look at Cultural Perseverance in the Rugged Uplands Region of Northern West Virginia (Stanley W. Baker) Analysis of Vertebrate Remains from the Henderson Rocks Site (46-Ta-l) (Donald Tanner) Excavation of the Ennis Mound (46-Ka-108) (Hillis J. Youse) Mollusks from the Bartlett-Bird Site (46-Wd-35) (Ralph W. Taylor) Notes and Comments: The Stasiuk-Fallon Petroglyph Site (Alan H. Cooper and Barbara Fallen) The Glen Haven Site: An Interim Report, 1980 (E. E. McDowell-Loudan) Book Reviews: F. J. Vento et al.: Excavations at Dameron Rockshelter (15JO23A), Johnson County, Kentucky (R. Berle Clay) Roger W. Moeller: 6LF21: A Paleo-Indian Site in Western Connecticut (David J. Meltzer)